Who we are. What we do. Why we do what we do.

myprivatebar. That's Jan, Cedric, a lot of coffee and a shared vision:

Special gifts for special people.

Gift boxes have an old fashioned reputation. But we think that needs to change. All it takes are the right ingredients and a fresh design. If you ever have experienced the moment when you open one of our boxes, you will understand. 

We did put a lot of effort into the choice of our ingredients, the design of our boxes and adjusting every detail until it matches our high expecations. .
Why? To offer you the best gift boxes available!

But our boxes are not only looking great, they also taste fantatic.
No matter if you want to season a gin tonic, cook Italian pasta or mix a cocktail, we have the right box for you!

Every box is unique

Every single box is handcrafted because we all know, the best gifts are self made.
By crafting every box ourselves we can also ensure that each set satisfies our quality standards.
Because only the best gift box is good enough for you to give it to your loved ones.


Das sind Jan (l.) und Cedric (r.)